the peace of sharing stories

Civitas Press and Cara Sexton are putting together a book. The working title (likely to change) is Soul Bare: Reflections on Becoming Human, and the thrust of the project is is redemptive, personal storytelling weaving themes of connection, growth, healing, discovery, and joy.

There are a host of contributors signed onto the project (including me!), and I share this with you because submissions are open until November 1. Maybe you'll contribute an essay. (Do it!) But this isn't just about that.

If I've learned anything from four plus years of blogging, it's that there is catharsis in writing-it-out. There is peace in sharing our stories.

Of course, it's not merely the domain of writers to tell tales or artists to bare souls.

We all have stories to tell. 

There is risk in allowing people to see ourselves as we really are, but relationship is rarely forged on anything less.

So let down your guard. Let someone in. Tell your story.

It may just crumble walls and heal other cracked and broken places.

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