five years long (and counting)

On this day in 2008, I published my first post here. I told stories, wrestled, and wrote my heart to keep from losing myself in the diapers and demands of new motherhood.

At first, I wrote essays for me and stories for a handful of family members scattered far from home. Along the way, I stumbled into poetry and feminist critique, and these words forged paths outside this small town, connecting us in ways I never envisioned and for which I'm grateful.

Will you indulge me in a look back? My first blog header was a wordle. Fancy, clearly.

This photo was the best existing one of me for a long time and was my avatar for years.

Jessi of Naptime Diaries made this header, and when I met Erika at Relevant, I discovered that she has the very same tree of life as a tattoo but with wild, winding roots. Kindred, we.

Last summer I re-titled (and shortened) my blog to the smitten word. The old domain obviously remains, and if anyone knows anything about adding/redirecting urls, I'd love to finally move it.

It's been five years, 707 posts, and quite a bit of fun. Thanks for walking this way with me.

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