saving my life {& a pass-along book club?}

It's been a while since I've counted, and since I'm feeling a bit grumpy about the interminable cold and cooped-up-ness we got going here, I figured it was time to dust of the old list.

an ongoing record of God's goodness, #375-399

turning 33
breakfast in bed, reminiscing about our time in Napa last spring
a birthday afternoon at the spa (look OUT)
homemade carrot cake, cuz my man don't play

tapping trees
maple syrup and pancakes
sugar shack field trip with this guy

lenten soup suppers and
Friday fish fries

daffodils prophesying life

fiction exploring a love of music and the sacred ordinary
Dylan reading up a storm

a real and true double date with real and true friends
new local wine bar in middle-of-nowhere-PA
kind friends to watch the babes

Call The Midwife (streaming free at pbs)
discovering Scandal, a show (sans teenagers and zombies) that Jim and I both enjoy

i sent my copy of Beyond The Impossible to Emily Maynard, and now i'm thinking how great a big cross-country book club would be. you mark up a book and mail it to the next person on this list. i participated in one like this years ago and loved it. who else would be down?

seeing a unicorn: my sparkling clean kitchen
singing along at the top of my lungs as I work
tiny feet getting their dance on

Where are you finding joy? Tell me something good. 

linking up with my girl HopefulLeigh's What I'm Into round-up
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