raising children to subvert purity culture (& create consent culture)

1.  Each of us derives our inherent, unshakable worth from being created in the image of God. Human worth cannot be measured by appearance, achievement, or "sexual purity" (a dubious and harmful construct). Every person is loved and valued. Full stop.

2.  We are each responsible for our own choices, sins, and lusts. Be wise, be humble, and be free.

3.  We set our own boundaries for touch. No person is entitled to touch another without his or her express permission. This applies in discipline, affection, play, aggression, arousal, comfort...pretty much any circumstance that isn't an emergency. Consent is not implied.

4.  People are not objects. Objectification reduces human worth to sexual or social utility. People don't objectify themselves; we objectify them by seeing them as objects existing for our own pleasure (or judgment) instead of people created in the image of God.

5.  Be media literate, rejecting fear or passive consumption and choosing discernment. Test everything.

6.  Our bodies and sexuality were created by God, and they are good. We're called to honor God and others with--not in spite of!--our bodies and sexuality, even as single and celibate people. Purity is demonstrated not by hemlines but hearts.

7.  Love God. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Jesus summed up 613 commands in those short two. We'll lighten one another's burdens, choosing love.

This post was inspired by a rather pearl-clutchy 7 Things conversation I stumbled across about modesty and raising daughters. What would you change or add?
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