IndieFlix | streaming independent film {giveaway}

This giveaway is closed, and everyone who commented wins! I'm basically Oprah and will be in touch with your codes shortly:)

Summer staff and horses arrived yesterday, after a week which included my best friend's wedding in Philly, preschool graduation, kindergarten registration, two field trips, an amusement park outing, visits from both sets of grandparents, and a fantastic writing retreat all the way out in Michigan.

I haz tired. So let's do something fun, shall we?

I've got ten two-month subscriptions to IndieFlix, and they're not even that sketchy kind that make you give your credit card number in hopes just in case you forget to cancel your "free" trial. Nope, this is real, sixty day no-strings access to the kind of movies that are basically impossible to find anymore.

I miss video stores, man. There was this fabulous place in Pittsburgh in the back of the coffee shop down the block that carried the best and weirdest stuff that no one comes close to carrying anymore. You can't even find a West Coast with the suspicious curtain in the back and the mildly burned-out clerks who could always be counted on to recommend gems. The nearest art house theater is over an hour away, our local mom and pop video store shuttered its windows long ago, and even the gas station gave back its movie kiosk. Times are tough for film aficionados!

Enter IndieFlix, an online subscription service granting access to independent films and shorts of every genre and stripe. So far I've seen the delightfully strange Lovely by Surprise, a teaser of a documentary about Ben's Chili Bowl in DC (yay!), and Finding Kind, another documentary on female bullying that they're featuring until the end of the month. The kiddos enjoyed a few animated shorts, too.

Want to win? Just tell me one (or several) of your favorite independent, smaller studio/budget, non-blockbuster-y films, making sure to log in with an email or another way to get in touch if you win. Feel free to comment and enter multiple times if you've got recommendations to spare (or check out IndieFlix and comment with something you'd like to see).

Giveaway ends Thursday night (5/30/13) at 11:59 PM (EST) when we'll pick ten winners. These won't net you extra entries, but you are, as always more than welcome to subscribe or follow along on facebooktwitterinstagram or pinterestGood luck:)

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