on solidarity

together we will dismantle the systems that broke our hearts

Not long ago, I joined up with a motley crew of writers desiring to live in a way that proclaims that Jesus is Lord and Caesar is not. Folks are writing this week on the topic of solidarity, and like a good student of liberation theology, I have a number of thoughts on the matter which I can distill to Proximity, Listening, and Humility. I want to position myself near those who are oppressed and hurting like Jesus did, I want to honor their stories, and I want to take cues from them. I learn a great deal from Christena Cleveland (please stop whatever you are doing and read this series now), Shay Kearns, T.F. Carlton, Sarah MoonMihee Kim Kort, and D.L. Mayfield.

And if you missed them the first time around, I've touched on similar themes before:

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to love is to serve is to liberate

What does solidarity look like in your life? How do you need it? How do you demonstrate it? How does the Church practice this well and poorly? How can we do it better? How does Jesus model solidarity with those who are outcast and oppressed?

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