christians, stop shooting our wounded

We like to talk about cultivating a radical, dangerous faith that sets the world ablaze, but are we getting ahead of ourselves? 
What if the most radical thing we could do was to create safe communities? 
What if we practiced radical hospitality and radical humility, allowing the messy, uncomfortable work of healing to play out in our midst? 
What if among us the last really were first? 
What if Christians actively subverted the power structures that favor some perspectives and people over others? 
What if the Church harbored and honored those who are hurting, doubting, struggling, or oppressed over those most frequently seated at the head of our tables: the sure, strong, educated, beautiful, male, married, straight, white, wealthy, healthy, or righteous? 
What if we repented of the ways we were complicit or unseeing to abuses of people and power among us?  
Could loving people well in the midst of their pain be the radical way of Jesus?

Join me over at A Deeper Story, where I'm sharing survivor stories that the Church desperately needs to hear.

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