miss you

It's been a while, friends. Between summer camp, a broken computer, back-to-school, and a whole lot of missing/bootleg phone shenanigans, I kinda fell of the grid and stayed there.

Slowly we're climbing out of the camp fog, eating meals at home without unending choruses of "YOU CAN'T RIIIDE IN MY LITTLE RED WAAGON!" or full costumed dining hall dinner theater riffing on Duck Dynasty and Taylor Swift. We're finding our way back. (Jim had nearly a whole weekend off this month. Lookout!)

Shall we recap?

There were lambs on leashes here for a while, who frolicked about not unlike the Bea, my favorite internet farm animal. They proved to be a bit much to wrangle into the barn at night by myself, and since we didn't have sufficient fencing or shade, they went to live on a goat farm. (A real one. No lambs were eaten on our watch.)

We went down the shore with dear friends in August, where we pedaled like champs, played like kids, and ate like kings for one glorious week.

Dylan started kindergarten and finally got to ride that bus she's been talking about pretty much since she could talk. It's a long day, but our little reader is a happy student.

James started pre-school and is loving every social, playful minute.

And then, just like the fireflies, summer was gone. Our lawn is already blanketed in crunchy leaves. We gathered around a fire last weekend, and today I broke out tights and chai. 

Truth be told, I am not particularly enamored with fall, which puts me in the minority, it seems. Folks love them some autumnal everything with a ferocity I can't quite comprehend. I like pumpkin, boots, and festivals as much as the next guy, but autumn always feels a bit like the slow march to winter's barren wasteland.

Womp Wommmmp.

September's just hard, even with its promise of fresh starts. I never quite recover from camp's frenetic pace or the oft-solo parenting by the time the school schedules rev back to life and the trees shed their green. Everything still feels a bit raw, but slowly, it's starting to heal.

This fall, I choose to breathe the rhythms of rest. I want to work and love and create from a place of fullness. 

I want to be well.

Tell me something good. What are you working on, thankful for, looking forward to, reading, watching, or enjoying? I'm all ears.
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