playing for keeps

We are our brothers' keepers, but
not like this:

kept and quieted, tightly bound,
melled and molded, muzzled, quelled.

One-size-fits-few and yet we clip each
others' wing to suit our style, curse the
gifts another brings: a Trojan horse! a trick!
a trap! Cast aspersions, try to flatten nuance,
dulling spectrums, shrink to fit. Weary, wear,
until we quit, but what if

we kept safe, kept boundaries, and kept fewer
records of wrong? If we kept covenant and vigil
together, and the command to love like Christ,
could we keep our word and the Sabbath holy,
keeping watch over the door of our lips?

Could we keep to the path of the righteous
and our hearts and feet from evil? Keep we silent--
or not at all--at the Spirit's urging only?

Keep calm and be not afraid
Produce fruit in keeping with repentance
Keep lamps lit and conscience clear
Keep up courage, in step with the Spirit
Keep the unity through the bond of peace

Keep praying
Keep loving
Keep each other warm and
Keep the faith

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