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Over a span of six years, this site has grown into a vibrant community of pilgrims, creatives, writers, readers, thinkers, mothers, conscious consumers, and people of faith. If that sounds like your kind of crew, have a look around, and drop me an email. I'm happy to answer your questions about ad space, bartering, conference sponsorship, or some other creative venture.

Partnering with corporations looks a bit different, but I am open to discussing possibilities.

Occasionally I post carefully vetted reviews, and if I've received compensation, I disclose it plainly. I've worked to earn your trust and intend never to break it.

Some text or image links are affiliate links, like those to Amazon and others which may appear on the sidebar. If you click from my site and make a purchase, I earn credit or a modest percentage of the sale.

Thank you for supporting the smitten word, through your reading and community most of all.
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