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The internet is a maze of rabbit holes, and I'm grateful you jumped down here, this pilgrims' way station between exile and home.

At The Smitten Word, we celebrate embodied faith, dabble in poetry, and write love letters to the broken, beautiful Church. We're passionate about justice, peacemaking, and issues impacting women. Mediamothering, and natural living round out the menu.

The musical RENT spoke of "connection in an isolating age" years before social media highlighted the space between us. The whir of postmodern life somehow left us lacking community and solitude, but I find some of both in the writing and the wrestling. Written threads are lifelines, and every space is hallowed, even here.

In days gone by, I was an urban-dwelling youth minister, a stay-at-home mama, and a social media manager. Now, home is a western Pennsylvania summer camp where my husband and I raise children (ages 5 and 7) and chickens, and I work full-time in social service and affordable housing.

I'm a co-creator of Faith Feminisms, a contributor at A Deeper Story, and you can get a sense of my work over at Best, too. In 2013, I was a guest on Up For Debate to discuss feminist liberation theology. If you're searching for a freelance writer or a speaker for your next event, check out Booking, too.

I hope you'll subscribe, leave a comment, or send an email to stay in touch. I'm on facebook and twitter @suzannahpaul.

See ya around, pilgrim. We'll leave the light on.
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