**ShoutLaughLove is on hiatus for the summer.**

so much shouting, so much laughter

If life is a journey, our traveling companions lighten the load, shine a light, and tell the stories that make a trip memorable.  ShoutLaughLove is a storytelling community that wrestles through life's challenges and celebrates joy in the everyday together.
Shout, because we are passionate.
Laugh, because life is strange and full of surprise.
Love, because that is for what we were created.
1. Anyone can participate:  just link a post illuminating the truth, humor, difficulty, or beauty of your journey at this moment in time.  Share something that fired you up or made you smile.  Write what's helping you hold it together (or not).  If you are learning, struggling, or celebrating, share your #PilgrimPostcard here.  Link to the permanent URL of your specific post (not the homepage), so that readers can find it no matter when they click.

2.  Please link back to {so much shouting, so much laughter} in your post so that your readers can find other participants' stories.  Post the graphic if you want:  just grab the html code out of the box above.

3.  If you link, try to visit a few others and leave a little encouragement.

4.  Please, no posts that are ads or giveaway link-ups.  ShoutLaughLove is about our voices and stories.

See ya along the way, pilgrim.
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